Special Effects and Coatings!

7 June 2016

Thermochromic, Photochromic, Hydrochromic or Liquid Crystal Ink - Sample packs now in stock!  Perfect for schools, colleges, or printing businesses.  Also ideal for craftwork!  Visit our partner at www.sfxc.co.uk. Or contact us for bulk orders on 0800 999 3123 or +44 207 1183123 if ...

New moving line technology room thermometers now in stock!

13 June 2016

Our new range of single colour liquid crystal technology room thermometers are now in stock! These safety thermometer cards use new liquid crystal technology to ensure that an infant's room is not dangerously too hot or uncomfortably too cold.  The Foundation for the Study of Infant D...

New 'Hot Dog Alert'

1 May 2016

Watch the dog's nose turn red when the car is too hot for your Pet. Already used by the Canine Health Foundation in the US as a promotional product and can be bought in bulk with your custom message on the card. Please contact us for details. You can buy stock items from our partner here h...

Manflu Feverscan® moving line thermometers now in stock for Christmas!

12 September 2016

Our new advertising promotion using the new Thermostrip® MAN FLU! Forehead Thermometer - Don't leave this killer undetected, with this NEW accurate Thermostrip®. Comes with cold, fever and flu chart. A great comical gift for men that really works. Feverscan® Trend Thermometer us...

New retail website!

7 August 2016

For special effects and coatings and cosmetics. Visit our new partner website www.sfxc.co.uk Looking for a family or personal gift, ideas on craftwork, beauty and fashion products, then look no further than www.colourchanging.co.uk
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