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Good Life Innovations Ltd are based in the UK, with offices also in Australia and South Africa.  We specialise in the production of innovative products and 'smart materials', using colour changing graphic technology and communication tools known as thermochromics, hydrochromic and photochromics but can also use pressure to create visual changes.

Thermochromic products are triggered by temperature, and use the unique characteristics of liquid crystal and other thermochromic inks. This capability translates into exciting colour changing graphics that produce a wide range of application's, from the precision necessary to monitor human temperature, a forehead thermometer used in the surgical setting to the whimsical mood rings of the 60s.

Photochromic products are triggered by UV and are subject to the UV index. This produces all sorts of uses from apparel to fun party items and includes colour changing Nail Varnish, Sports bottles, threads, inks and UV strength warning products. We are also Sole UK and Ireland Distributors for SolarActive®.

Hydrochromic products are triggered by water/moisture. This wonderful technology produces Colour Changing Umbrellas, shower curtains and clothing.

Liquid Crystal products are also triggered by temperature and these materials are used in general thermometery products, including our best selling 9-27°C thermometer strips and stickers. Available in Premium High Grade and Standard Grade.

We are now the UK Distibutors for SolarActive International and carry there range of Colour Changing Nail Varnish and many other exiting products, including T-Shirts, Shoes and Sports bottles. Our clients include the NHS, Scottish Government, Local Authorities and the Unite Union. We are proud supporters of the Energy Saving Trust. We are also a major supplier of colour changing inks, coatings and effects, plus liquid crystal products and room thermometer cards for custom and promotional room thermometer cards

Some of the materials have even used by NASA on the Space Shuttle! But for more down to earth products, look no further than the many colour change items here in our website.

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